Next Level Results for Everyone

Inspired to top your last event and raise even more?

Let’s generate a spectacular win for your organization. It looks like this:

How will we achieve these goals? I can help you make it simple:

First, Prepare With a Pro

You’re busy with the important work of your organization. So when you choose a benefit auctioneer, you want a professional you can trust to show up and deliver, so you can focus on everything else.

Let’s create a plan for your unique needs, informed by my experience and insight about what truly works. Because I conduct 40+ auctions each year, and actively engage as a member of the National Auctioneer Association, I’m constantly tuned in and to the latest trends.

Throughout the process I will work in harmony with your team and be available as often as you need me. I make my commitment to your cause with absolute sincerity, because I know that every dollar we raise together ultimately helps the people you serve.

Then, Be Ready for Anything

As much as we plan and prepare, a live event will always present unknowns. How will you handle the pressure in the moment?

Through my former life as a corporate stand-up comedian, I have learned to confidently manage any scenario, including hecklers, awkward silence, rowdy drunken crowds, and whatever an audience can throw at me. (So far, no rotten vegetables!)

No matter what happens during your live event, you can rest assured that I will respond in the moment with honesty and humor to keep your event uplifting, engaging, on-schedule, and most importantly: lucrative.

Now, Let’s Bring Home the Bids

I will always have my eye on the bottom line while making your donors feel honored, appreciated and refreshingly entertained. Here’s where my skills truly make the difference: I will engage your donors with humor and heartfelt diplomacy to raise every single dollar in the room for your cause.

Let’s give your donors an experience to remember,
and raise more funds than ever before. 

Jerry was amazing! Our overall fundraising goal was $100,000. With Jerry's help we raised $50,000 more than we expected, and doubled our net income from the previous year! He was personable and talented with the reading the crowd. I definitely recommend Jerry Goldstone!