Jerry Goldstone, Benefit Auctioneer

When your organization needs to raise big money for a good cause, I’m your go-to-guy. I’ll dedicate myself to your mission and be here for you every step of the way.

So you’re planning a benefit auction?
Let’s make it a triumph.

Virtual Fundraising Events

Despite   COVID-19, you still have a generous donor community that wants to help support you and your mission. You just need a different way to bring them together for a fundraising event.

Across the country, nonprofits have responded by doing virtual galas, online fundraisers where everyone can watch and enjoy themselves in the safety and comfort of their own homes, be inspired by your message, and join others in supporting their favorite causes.

The good news is that results for virtual events are spectacular!

Consultation & Auction Planning

Let’s make a blueprint for success. I’ll work side-by-side with your team to take the stress out of event planning. Long before your big day happens, we’ll have a clear plan in place that accounts for every detail. You’ll have total confidence going into the event that everything will happen as it should:

Your donors will be thrilled. You can relax and enjoy the show.
Most importantly, we’ll gather every dollar in the room for your cause.

Event Execution

Raising funds with a live audience is a delicate art. I’ll elegantly command the energy of the crowd and set the right tone in the moment, whether it’s breaking the ice with a laugh, making a moving emotional case for your cause, or rousing the room to give big and bid more. With genuine poise, humor and heart, I’ll inspire your donors to give their absolute utmost to fund your goals.

The money we raise together ultimately helps the people you serve.
I will always keep my eye on that mission. 

Post-Auction Assessment

A well executed plan includes follow-up. After the event we’ll assess our success: we’ll evaluate revenue achievements, review donor feedback, distill the lessons, and formulate a plan and vision for even more excellence at your next benefit.

We’ll raise a wealth of funds for your organization,
and a wealth of experience for your team.

Next year will be so easy!